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keep data up-to-date

Do you have any procedure for verifying and updating the database?
Imagine I want to use - and above all rely on - your data because I am highly allergic to egg (actually my son is :)). So far, I just can't fully trust the information provided, because the ingredients might evolve and I wouldn't be aware of it. So I still have to read the tiniest ingredients lists on the packagings. Ingredients sometimes even differ for some products, depending on the batch number ! This is quite frustrating...
We could imagine some kinds of warning systems in case of a change in the ingredients lists... but I am afraid this requires the full involvement of the makers themselves ? What do you think ?
PS : you're doing a great job anyway :) !

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under review  ·  AdminStéphane Gigandet (Admin, Open Food Facts) responded  · 

Hello Julien,
This is a tough problem that we are trying to address, but we haven’t found a very good way to make sure the data is up to date. In fact as you say, at a given time, there maybe multiple co-existing versions of a product. So I’m afraid that you will always have to double check the label.
That being said, we can try to be better by asking users to update new photos when we notice that the ones we have are old (e.g. one year).
We are also trying to track the evolution of products over time:
If you want to discuss this further, please join us on Slack. I’ll send you an invite.


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